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What I did: November 2012


PLR contentI’m currently putting together a MASSIVE PLR articles set. There will be over 135,000 articles in over 1000 folders (plus some) which will fit over 1000 plus niches including some very unusual ones from late 2012.

I have thoroughly researched similar packs (none this big) and this pack will be the absolute cheapest premium content on the net and I’m thinking £25 for my subscribers.

The ebook I’m personally writing on how to create a professional, unlimited, fully functional internet presence for under £50 will also be ready shortly and the two will compliment each other.


If you were one of the few hundred people that received some strange spammy emails from me… it wasn’t me!!

Some low-life, pond slime piece of sh*te hacker managed to use my email address to send out a load of crap spammy emails about adult education, adult services and job vacancies.

If you received anything like this… apologies, it was definitely not from me!!

What can you do if this happens?

There are three main ways your email address can become vulnerable:

  1. Your computer has malware
  2. Your email password is weak and has been guessed
  3. Your website has some component that is being exploited

If your computer has malware it’s easy enough to get rid of by using a malware/spyware application. There are many free ones such as Malware-Bytes which works great and has a free trial period.

If your email password is weak, change it and choose a stronger one.

If the problem is originating from a web based area (i.e. your website files) chances are you have installed something that is allowing a third party access to some of your data. Plugins and widgets on WordPress sites are a major culprit of this, but you could have also unwittingly acquired a virus or rogue piece of script when using FTP.

This was the case with my recent problem and the virus was tracked down to the ‘mass injection attack’ malware I recently found on the domain.

After this was removed, the problem was resolved, but not before hundreds of spammy emails were sent out in my name!



Background images to go from homepages

Since Larry Page took over at Google as CEO last year many services have closed and the latest one to go is background images on Google homepages.

It was first announced in September that users would lose background pictures with Classic Plus in the near future and Google now say this will start on 16 October and that the service will end in November.

That’s another service axed and there’s more on the way. All these service closures lose Google a little more share in the market and I forecast a big switch in search engine usage over the next 5 years, with Yahoo and Bing claiming a much bigger share.

I personally already use Yahoo much more than I ever did but I have to admit that for general searching, the Google engine still provides the most appropriate results.

Jam with Chrome

If you’re into music and like jamming with mates, Chrome Jam is well worth downloading if you haven’t already got it. It’s an interactive web app that enables people in different locations to play music together using the Chrome browser on your computer in real time. You can switch instruments at any time and it includes ‘easy’ and ‘pro’ modes and auto functions which make it all nice and easy.

Here’s the Google vid:


If you want your name, email address or website adding to your questions just include them with your question and let me know you want them adding. There’s no embarrassment in being seen to be asking questions.

What is niche marketing – in just a few sentences please?

In one very basic sentence; ‘niche marketing’ is selling specific products or services to a very limited group of people who would be most interested in buying these products or services.

Obviously, there is so much more to it than that on so many different levels, but that is it in a nutshell.

A niche is a smaller section of a market. For example, Scalextric cars would be classed as a niche within the hobbies market. Further to this, ‘pre 1966 Scalextric cars’ could be classed as a micro-niche.

Niches can be closed right down to individual items in this manner and it is these items that usually form the sole content of a targeted sales page.

The term ‘niche marketing’ doesn’t just apply to direct product sales. A niche website may include any method available of selling any product or service which might include direct sales line to the product or service, associated adverts (Adsense etc.) and affiliate links and any other method of generating an income stream within that niche.

You shouldn’t really use ads on individual product web pages as these limit the marketing possibilities and distract visitors from the sale product. If you’ve got Adsense on a sales page and the page content is little and short, this is an immediate problem, as is sending paid traffic to the site and there are many other taboos where Adsense is concerned.

What is the best marketing method to use?

This is another one of those questions that has no direct answer. There is no best marketing method! Providing there is a market, all marketing methods will work if they are executed properly.

It all depends on what type of product you intend to market and who you intend targeting and the best marketing plan is the one that works best in these circumstances, which will involve much time and effort and trial and error until you find the one that works the best.

You need to try a few different marketing methods at the same time and compare results. If one particular method is not producing any sales at all concentrate on the others. Some methods do not apply themselves very well to certain products or audiences and analysing the results from the various marketing methods you try will allow you to decide which methods you will continue with and develop and which you can stop using.

Always try various methods, but only with the same product. Don’t jump from one method to another for different products, then back again. Choose some carefully researched and chosen methods and stick with them until you have developed some data to analyse and when you find a plan that works well, keep on it, upgrade it and develop it.

Does a ‘duplicate content penalty’ mean my site will lose rank?

In essence, yes… but the penalty is more to do with the method of how SERP’s are displayed rather than a penalty per-se and like everything else in online marketing there are many other elements which determine how badly and how much of your site will become effectively down-ranked… and if duplicate content is uploaded correctly, there will be few results penalties applied at all, either to a particular page or to a website as a whole.

Greg Grothaus from Google explained what duplicate content is and how Google deals with it in a video put out some time ago now but he confused the issue a little right at the beginning by saying:

“First and foremost I want to clear up a myth that has been going around called the duplicate content penalty. Generally speaking, people are worried that Google has a penalty for sites that have duplicate content on them…. What we’re doing for that specific query we are omitting the print article. It’s not a penalty.”

And on the Webmaster Central Blog Google state:

“There’s no such thing as a ‘duplicate content penalty.’

However, while there may technically be no duplicate content penalty, duplicate content can still damage your website rank.

A simple rule of thumb to decide whether duplicate content will incur negative results on your page is to ask yourself why you want to display the content. If it’s just because you want more content on your site in order to boost your current rank, then it’s probably best not to add it.

In a post on the Google support site about duplicate content Google state:

“Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.”

However, we all know too well that if Google think you are trying to manipulate the SERP’s they probably will take action against your site even removing it permanently if it is continued and intense manipulation.

Further, duplicate content can also incur negative results even if you are not trying to manipulate search results. Most search engine providers want to provide a varied group of results, especially on the first page… not ten or twenty pages all with exactly the same content.

Usually, in a bid to prevent this happening, many search engines display a notice that says something like: ‘In order to provide the most relevant results some similar entries to the results already displayed have been omitted.’ YouTube is a great example of this.

The ‘similar’ results are usually available to see if you click on another link but people don’t often bother with this unless they are looking for a specific page or for some other specific reason.

If you’ve written an article and placed it on a web page and then a few days later uploaded the very same article to another page, this second page may become one of the pages in the ‘additional results’. This is not a penalty as such, but certainly a negative rank.

What if you have duplicate content?

There are occasions when duplicate content is necessary and there many things you can do to help the search engines be kind to your duplicated content. The following form my recommendations if you are going to include duplicate content for whatever reason:

Userel=canonical to tell the engines which pages you want displaying. There is much more to canonical than this, but basically, it is a link relationship that defines the preferred version of the content.

Where Feeds are concerned ask people who use your syndicated content to include the noindex meta tag on your articles if possible so the duplicate content is not included in search engine indexes, although this affects them more than you.

Use permanent redirects where possible. These are the 301notices that you often see in browser infobars which tell search engines that the page has been permanently moved and a 301 redirect usually results in the old URL being removed from their index.

Even long-winded site notices can have a detrimental effect if used in volume. If you have long paragraphs of copyright notices at the bottom of every page, move that content to a separate page and link to it from your content pages.

If your site includes pages with very similar information, such as sales sites describing defferent versions of a given product, try to add more unique information about the page topic or try combining similar pages into one if possible.

Use as much unique content as possible. If you run affiliate sites, copying product descriptions direct from the sales pages carries no weight. Search engines will simply link to the original site.

My advice:

Try to avoid using duplicate content.  If you’ve got some, all you have to do is alter it!!

I’ve tried all sorts to get around the automated duplicate content penalties but within a week or so of adding duplicated content, stats show that these pages have clearly been downgraded in Google SERP’s.

N.B. If you’re not sure:

What search tricks/help can use on Google?

This is a great question as there are so many different ways of using Google and not many people know them.

As usual, the best place to get certain information is from the horses mouth so instead of just copying the Google content, here’s some pages which you might find useful:

Basic searching tips

Ver Batim help

Advanced Google search page

Google’s search tips and tricks

Google’s index of search tips and tricks


Site specific searches

Search settings

Search results options

What is an operator?

It is a symbol or word that allows you to be more specific when you are searching. Operators are used to tell the search engine code to carry out a specific action.

Some common operators include:

“ ” (double quote marks)

These allow you to search for an exact word or phrase exactly as types. Useful if searching for song lyrics or a specific line from a piece of literature.

(eg. “She’s got a smile and it seems to me”)

Only use this if you’re looking for a precise word or phrase or you’ll exclude many pages that you might have found useful.

- (minus symbol)

The minus symbol allows you to exclude all results that include that particular word, so if you were searching for information on the Jaguar animal, you could use the operator –car which will exclude all results relating to the Jaguar car.

You can also use this to exclude certain sites:


~ (tilde)

The tilde sign is used to replace some words in your original query. Add a tilde sign (~) immediately in front of a word to search for that word as well as even more synonyms.
i.e. ~car facts will include results for ‘vehicle facts’.

* (asterisk)

Using the asterisk within a query will act as a placeholder for an unknown or ‘wildcard’ term. If you use it with quotation marks you will find variations of that exact phrase.


Allows you to search for something on a particular site, i.e. DNS

You can also search within a specific top-level domain such as .org or .edu or country top-level domain like .de or .fr.

OR (in capitals)

Self explanatory, i.e. BMW X5 OR 4×4’s. There are many more, just search ‘search operators’

And finally for this month


Spam and scams are prevalent at the minute. They always are in the lead up to xmas so you need to be extra vigilant.

Latest ‘scams’ include look-alike LinkedIn emails, automated Craigslist messages, business propositions and absolutely anything to do with ‘nacha’. They’re all scams and need sending immediately to that special place; the recycle bin!

google font

Couple of useful links (if you hadn’t already seen them)

’til next month…


2 Responses to Internet Marketing – What I did: November 2012

  • Lux says:

    Whens these book and articles ready daniel?

  • danieldlaine says:

    Hi Lux

    Sorry for the delay with these. I am just finishing the associated package to accompany the book, a MASSIVE PLR articles package. The biggest one currently available on the internet at the minute with over 100,000 plus articles covering hundreds of niches with up to 2000 articles in some niches. That’s why it’s taking so long… there’s hundreds of thousands of articles to index – and to ensure quality, I have not outsourced it.

    I’m hoping to have the articles and the book finished within the next two months and both will be available to subscribers at a very special rate!


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