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As you can see from my posts; I hate spam!  All email details are 100% secure on this site.

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PayPal Hoax Emails

Latest PayPal Scams

Daniel here, just to mention the latest PayPal email scams on the go.

I received six PayPal email scams this month and I’m sure many of you did as well.  I’ve done posts on these PayPal scams before so won’t go into them on this post, but needless to say, if the email is not addressed to your user name, it’s a scam!

You can read more about PayPal scams here. (opens in new window)

Here’s the latest emails:

This was the first one I received.

PayPal Hoax

If you hover over the links directing you to the fake PayPal site, you’ll see the actual URL in your browser window, usually at the bottom left of the window, but this depends on the browser you’re using.

When I hower the mouse over the top link in this hoax email I can see the URL points to:

Clearly not PayPal!

How to spot a fake PayPal email

I had a quick look at this one as I’d not come across it before but the scam has been removed already.  This guy hasn’t even locked down his directory structure, so if you copy the URL into the browser address bar and follow each directory level, you can access all the subdirectories in that directory.

This was the next hoax email:

PayPal Hoax emails

Again, it’s not addressed to a ‘registered’ PayPal name — so immediately in the bin with it!!  Addressing to the correct PAyPal registered name is one of the few things that a scammer can’t do, unless they’ve acquired a ‘list’ from somewhere.

Another one I received was this:

PayPal scam email

I list those three as they show typical PayPal hoax layouts.  There are loads more… don’t be taken in.  If your registered PayPal name is not at the top of the email, it’s a hoax!


One Response to PayPal Scam Email April 2012

  • brett little says:

    i recently had an email from paypal saying dear customer something about changing my email address so i thought hold on a second just before filling in the form and sending it off why not check if its real or not after typing in paypal scams 2012 i came to your page and realised it was a scam so i thought i would share this onformation with you as other people out there might not be so lucky

    i have also included a link to this email (picture of it) so that you could see if you needed to although the pictures you have provided are perfectly clear anyway

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