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What I did: February 2012

 (The Pinterest tutorial is at the bottom)

Daniel here with another ‘What I did’.

and this month, straight into it…

Internet Marketing Blueprints

I recently received a few emails from people requesting internet marketing blueprints to work to, so I’m currently putting together some of the plans I’ve used with success in the past (and present) which I will upload during March to a page where we can all share any others we use.

There are many to choose from and some of the techniques used within the each will probably be very similar to many other methods as marketing tactics will always remain the same regardless of the system they are being used within.

I’ll call this page the blueprint page as that is what people refer to and search for when they are looking for a plan, but technically, a blueprint is a full plan of action.  What I want to share are the ‘basic marketing methods’ that cover the many ways in which you can earn money online and each person will apply many different variations according to their circumstances.

Even from the late nineties, the very same tactics are still being used today – just under new fancy names and with extra shine and hype!  That’s worth bearing in mind if you’re looking for the ‘latest shiny thing’.  It will more than likely be a rehashed basic technique that was used back in 2004 but with a new ‘latest cash cow’ title and loads of bells and whistles!!

However, a blueprint can be a basic plan and that is what the page will be about.  Some are classed as ‘set and forget’ systems while others need constant updating.

You can find the ‘Blueprints’ page here and there is a link to it at the top of the blog.

N.B. No blueprint is the ‘right one’ to use, or better than any other.  It all depends on the circumstances and what your goals are.  You may need a blueprint just to drive ‘bulk’ traffic to a site that doesn’t even have anything for sale?  You may need targeted visitors from a micro-niche to see a video?  The blueprint you use is the one that will fulfil your current requirements – which will probably change as time passes.

Facebook Page format change

Facebook have now changed the ‘Pages’ format to match the standard account format.  Any FB Pages will automatically be changed to the new format on 30 March but you can change now if you prefer.  Everything is still there; you just get to see less before you have to click ‘see more’.

Now I’ve had a good look around, I’m not sure I like the new format.  It’s become more complicated than before and the new ‘cover’ images are so large they go against the current trend of web page design that suggests there shouldn’t be too much space used before you get to the content.  For a business page, the ‘cover’ is so large, that for many businesses, it might be preferential to leave it out – if sufficient graphical info could be included in the profile logo.

One benefit is that any Iwipa pages will now load with the maximum 810px width.  This means you’ll have to do a new header if you’re using one!

This is how my Iwipa Facebook page looks now – much better.

You can find the Iwipa app here and there is a tutorial on how to set it up here. (It’s on one of my old site pages which is still up but the very same process still applies – apart from the header image now being available in full width size, which is 810px.

Tip: If you set the width to 810px, make sure the height is no more than 120px or the image won’t fit the full width as it takes its ‘fit’ from the height measurement.

Talking about designs and ‘fit’ Viewlike is a great site to check how your page looks in different resolutions – and it’s free!


As usual, there were some spammy comments this month, but most notable, was this effort:

From pamelachester

Submitted on 2012/02/14 at 11:44 am


Not all persons do not have appropriate academic writing skillfulnesss.

Obviously, I have removed the links, but this person is advertising an education website and the need for education.  … maybe she should enrol herself!

Pinterest (

This month was pretty much another ‘time-out’ month, so to end, I’ve written a short but effective tutorial on how to use Pinterest for business purposes.

I joined a while back and you can see my page here:

Daniel D’laine on Pinterest   

(note the profile logo complete with web URL – very important!)

 …and you can find the Pinterest tutorial here.

It’s not a tutorial on how to use Pinterest.  It is a tutorial on what to do to maximise Pinterest for business and marketing purposes.

‘til next month…


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