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Top Five SEO Time WastersDaniel D'Laine's Top 5

Daniel here with another Top-5.

This time, what you should ‘not’ waste your time on when thinking about SEO.

1. Manually posting comments on blogs/forums

There are three main reasons people visit forums; to find an answer, to post SEO comments and for social reasons.  If you are posting to get backlinks, this is now a terrible waste of time.  If SEO comments are ‘your thing’ manual input is definitely not better than automated.

Also, there are many people on the net that like perfection.  Everything must be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes and punctuation perfect etc.   This is great in most occasions, but for posting SEO comments it’s a total waste of time!  Trust SEO tools and forget manual posting.  If there’s a tool for it – use it! …and if it’s free, use it twice as often! :0)

2. Submitting to article directories

If your blueprint is Article Marketing, then ‘quality’ is paramount!  If you take one good article and spin it into 50 or 60 variations and blast it all over the net, the quality ‘will’ be impaired and therefore the spinning will have been a waste of time.

One good-quality, targeted article in the right article directory will produce as much potential income as the 50 impaired articles spread over hundreds of untargeted directories.

Also, articles should be ‘promoted’ to attract traffic.   How are you going to effectively promote 50 articles on maybe 80 directories?  Promoting just one unique and useful article will take a fraction of the time and return better potential.

3. Manual link exchanges

Link exchanges are still effective, but only when done properly.  Again, if there is a tool for it, use it.  I often receive ‘well meant’ but time wasting emails from people requesting link exchanges which end with the very polite ‘Many Regards’ or whatever.

This is all very well and seems very business-like, but the time it takes to send your details, along with your description and anchor text and then wait to see if your link has been uploaded first before you then upload their link is just not worth it.

Link exchanges are still effective and if the links are appropriate (if done correctly) but don’t waste your time doing these manually.  Use the tools available.

SEO tools like LinkAssistant or SEO SpyGlass (open in new window) will help you to build hundreds of links every day if you wished, with very little time spent on the task. There are many others.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is not only a waste of time, it’s ‘out’ of main SEO algorithms for 2012.  As ‘bounce rate’ forms part of ranking, if people land on your page and find that it’s not what they’re looking for, they’re gone in 2 seconds flat, which affects your ranking and subsequently, your income potential.  Keyword stuffing is a form of spam nowadays.  I still come across pages with around 100 or so keywords in the keywords meta tag.  What a waste of time that is!!  Pages with a keyword on every single line is also spammy and again, a waste of time to write.

5. Flash and movies for links

These might look great, but they take a long time to prepare and are still very difficult to SEO even with the tools available.

A full navigation bar is still looked upon as the most effective form of site navigation along with suitable in-line links on all pages.  These should of course conform to ‘accepted standards’ (WC3 etc.).


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